10 Examples of How to Engage your Hosts at your Booth

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Voting Chart :

People like to share their opinions, So It’s a good way to attract more visitors.

Floor signs :

Let the visitors follow their inquisitiveness, put footprints that lead to your booth.

Photo background :

Offer a way to make attendees share your brand in their social media.
The best way to do this to make a creative background that encourages them to shoot themselves with your logo

Push the button :

Again we will play on the visitor inquisitiveness, Make them push a button
They will push to know what will happen.

Data map :

Get valuable answers from your hosts with a funny and interactive way.
They put pins and every pin is an answer to a question. And ask visitors to answer about 5 question “ every question with different color “ by matching the pins that answer each question.

Interactive human :

It’s one of the most creative and interactive ideas in trade shows
That’s a man in a glass box and they write below
“Without your donation research with stop” and the man goes active when someone donates.

Happiness tracker :

Ask visitors  How happy are theirs? they will like to answer that question.

Show your Art :

Let your Hosts Draw and Show their Art. that’s a very interested way to interact with visitors

Special Space for young tech savvies :

One of the best ideas to make a buzz at a trade show is to offer a small space in your booth to let visitors show their ideas and their work.
Ask young tech savvies on your social media to fill a form to reserve an hour to this small space and filter the best ideas and Let them show their work.
That guarantee a perfect engagement in social media and also very good and special experience for your hosts in the booth.

Show your video in a special way :