Let’s go viral with infographics

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Have you ever considered writing a letter to someone in hieroglyphics?

You might be wondering, but the truth is that most of you did! But what urged you to do so? Is it because you never found the words to express your thought or is it because those cave paintings could miraculously convey your sentiments and thoughts to the chosen ones.
Throughout history, a treatise on painting or paper could say much more than what you might say in thousand words, and that’s why we combine figures and text with graphs.


Hieroglyphics has been developed throughout history and today it’s known by Infographics. If we deeply investigate the capabilities of infographics, we will all get into the same conclusion which is graphic elements receive a greater deal of attention and have a more memorable impression on viewers than a presentation using words only.
The emergence of the internet gave rise to the use of infographics. Nowadays, it is used in several fields like education, government, the corporate sector, medicine, engineering, research and development and so on. Certain types of infographics are targeted to people with specialized knowledge or expertise.
Let me ask you a question… Why should you integrate infographics into your overall marketing strategy?


A well- designed infographics can help every business look a pioneer. It provides access to only important stuff in a convenient and efficient manner in which it turns all that mundane and complex data into colorful, appealing, unique works of art that demand attention from your audience. Such eye-catching and engaging technique is capable to tell us the maximum in the minimum which gives it a credit that it is easy to comprehend as well as aesthetically pleasing raising your brand value. One more thing is that, it is created within short period of time with incredibly reasonable cost as well as shared via social media. So let’s go viral!
By: Abeer Al- Qumaishi
Account Specialist
Creative Motion

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